Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Day in Brighton

Last year I made a very enjoyable and productive trip to Brighton and so, when the hotel made the same offer this year, I booked myself in.
As I think I mentioned last time, trying to find something different in Brighton, which has a thriving camera club and many excellent photographers, is a challenge. I tend to wander around with vague ideas of what I am looking for and then watch out for opportunities which present themselves.
As I arrived in Brighton after dark I decided that I would wander around and try out some low light photography.
The Brighton Pavillion is famous and well photographed but I was immediately attracted to the spires and domes lit up against the night sky. Once back home I realised I had a competent image but I wanted to give it a bit of 'ooomph', good photographic word, and bring out more depth, so I added a small amount of fractalius and curves.

The next iconic structure is the burned down pier, which is falling further and further into the sea, it's amazing just how much has been lost in the last year.
I attempted a few candid images, of course in such images luck plays a large part.

I imagine this metal detectorist..or whatever the correct term is.. to be muttering..'I know there is scrap metal here somewhere'

This one is called Two Wrecks, it's obvious why really.

 A political statement or just a bunch of chairs piled up ready to be used later in the day? Mmmmm

Where has the driver gone? You can never get a taxi when you want one.

Finally one which I enjoyed creating. The original image was taken on the sand, the shape was exactly as seen, the treatment however creates an image which bears little resemblence to the original. I suspect it's an image which will divide, you either love it or hate it!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Frozen Whipsnade

Yesterday, just before the snow arrived I travelled up to Whipsnade Zoo. Most of the zoo animals were keeping warm inside so I turned my attention to some passing wild birds who used the frozen ponds, where the ice had been broken, as a convenient stopping off point.

Then there were a few birds in cages, they may not be wild but they do provide a good opportunity to practise bird photography.


 And finally the landscape. One of the plus points of Whipsnade are the opportunities for much more than animal photography. It's large expanse allows many different types of landscape picture taking.