Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Day in The Museum.

This week I had the joy of accompanying approximately 140 12 yr olds to the Science Museum in London. If you are of a similar age to myself and have not visited the museum in recent years you would find that it has changed dramatically since we were children. The order of the day is definitely please DO touch.

Obviously my main responsibility was to look after the children but I did have my small point and shoot camera so who could resist one or two pics?!!

As I do not have parental permission to show children's faces I can only show anonymous pictures but I think you will get a feel for our day.

 So what does G force feel like?

This gives the children the opportunity to feel the force.

The image is interesting because she really wasn't going that fast but the shutter speed required in a darkish room meant that she looks as though she is moving very fast. This was one of the favourite exhibits!

A very strange exhibit demonstrating that you can hear through your teeth. This girl had her finger in her ears and she could hear the tune perfectly.

Thermal imaging fun - you can even see yours truly in the image, if you look very carefully.

A talk demonstrating Newton's Laws of Motion included several VERY loud hydrogen explosions. Thoroughly enjoyed by the children...not so much by the staff!!

Photographically this was a difficult image to capture. It was hand held on my small point and shoot camera, as were all the other images, but the timing and exposure bought its own issues. I was pleased with the timing, due to the longish exposure required I did have a few seconds lee way, but there are still those dreaded blown highlights, not sure if its possible to avoid in such circumstances.

These are simply a set of fun images taken as a record of the day. Whilst I could use the small amount of knowledge I have to produce as good a picture as possible my mind was not on picture taking, so I recognise that these are no award winners. Good fun though and honing ones skills at every opportunity can only help improve my photography when I am out to take that earth shattering image!!!