Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Weekend Away

I don't usually post pics of friends, in the assumption that if I do they may not stay friends for very long. However a few weeks ago I spent an enjoyable weekend away in Suffolk, at an old mansion house. It was great fun and we enjoyed ourslves and so here are a few highlights. The pics will not win any prizes but sometimes its nice to take photographs to record an event without worrying about the technical side of things. So this post is just for fun, I hope you enjoy.

Saturday morning saw us getting all competitive on the go karts...of course the girls team won!!!

We took along our very own Grumpy Old Man to cook the BBQ...notice a male domain!!!!!! PS He is not at all grumpy!!

We tried an experiment with marshmallows cooked on the BBQ and soon discovered it didn't work, it created some rather sticky faces and I don't just mean amongst the children.

And finally a few random pics snapped during the weekend.