Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunny Day on Dunstable Downs

Finally today, after what seems like ages, I have been out with my camera for a photo jaunt. I did have a mission from my husband who wanted me to photograph some radio masts for a catalogue he is producing at work. My first port of call was a radio mast in a small lane close to the Downs.

A relatively easy shot as there was a field next to the lane with easy access and I could get close enough to photograph some of the details as well as the full sized mast.

The next stop saw me trying to track down a mast I could see the top of, but could not find. I finally found it in a copse on the Downs, well hidden and very difficult to photograph due to the foliage all around. Finally managed this shot...number two in the bag.

I had my IR camera with me and decided to try a bit of an experiment. I had spent the morning so far trying not to include any of the surroundings, focusing entirely on the masts, this pic was an attempt to add a little context. It turns out that this is the star pic, without knowing it fits perfectly into something else my husband wanted a pic for.

Having got my 'commission' in the bag I turned my attention to my more usual subjects. IR, landscape and close ups.

By this time I was thirsty and rather hungry so I made my way to the very pleasant visitor centre, I will add a pic one day, for a much needed cup of coffee.

Dunstable Downs is a very popular spot for kite flying, what I hadn't realised until today is that formation kite flying is a serious competitive sport. I spotted a small group practising, it was delightful to watch and I started to snap a few pics. Very soon a gentleman arrived, told me all about kite flying, the different types of kites for different weather conditions and suggested I get in much closer to get some better pics, he said nobody would mind, so I did. In this day and age I tend to assume people will view somebody with a camera with suspicion, it's not always the case.

A very pleasant morning, followed by an afternoon watching the Wimbledon final.

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